Hey guys, my name is Sophia and welcome to Baking With Basil – my little baking blog to share all my ‘food’ thoughts and keep you all up to date with the latest recipes i’m perfecting in the kitchen!

Why Baking With Basil?

I don’t know!! Yes, I love seasoning with basil (who wouldn’t!?) but I branched out a little bit – notice all the cake and cookie recipes, a little guilty pleasure!

The main problem I have with my love affair of all things food is that I like to keep fit, exercise a lot and watch my weight. I sometimes refer to my workout sessions at the gym or when I am out on my bike or a run as “Cupcake Burning Sessions” Ha-ha!

So there you have it guys, this is my food blog dedicated to everything food. I will be including lots of my favourite recipes that you’ll love, but I promise i’ll even it out with the occasional healthy living tips!

I hope you enjoy looking around the site, and if you do be sure to leave a comment or send me a message and make sure you bookmark the site as I will be posting regularly to the blog.

Thank you for reading!!

Sophia x x

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