Best Organization Tips for Any Kitchen


Kitchens are the heart of the home. They’re the central meeting spot for the whole family from breakfast in the morning until dinner. They serve as a place to showcase your culinary prowess as well as an office on those work-from-home days, a classroom when your kids are doing homework, and the only spot in your entire home where guests gather during a party.

With all of this traffic, it’s only logical that people put a lot of time, resources, and money into making their kitchen perfect for their lifestyle. But since it’s the hub of almost every home, the kitchen tends to be the place that can get a little messy if you’re not careful about organizing. But never fear: There are solutions for seemingly every kitchen storage conundrum, whether you are in a luxury condo in Manhattan or a home in Texas we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at some of the practical and ingenious storage and organization solutions for your kitchen:


We’ve all been there. We want to get that can of soup, but it’s stuck behind a wall of other things in the cabinet. Meaning that you have to unpack and repack the shelf every time you want something that is not at the front. This is where baskets come in hand. Simply get a basket that’s sized for your cabinet (you can get them anywhere and at any price point) and group like items in each basket. Don’t forget to label it! But when you want something, pull out the designated basket instead of rearranging everything.

Lazy Susan

Although there are many theories as to why this rotating tray is named “Lazy Susan,” no one knows who the true Susan was or why she was so lazy. But we think Susan is pretty inventive! You may remember Lazy Susans from grandparent’s tables, but these nifty and useful items are making a comeback in modern kitchens. While these turntable plates are great on a counter, they really are useful when used in your cabinets to keep things organized. Save yourself from reaching into an abyss of spices and just put them on a Lazy Susan and spin to locate what you need.

Jars and Canisters

No one likes to open a cabinet or the fridge and be greeted by a cluttered mess of cereal and snack boxes … along with unwieldy open packages of pasta. An easy solution is to decant your dry goods into glass or clear plastic jars and canisters. This not only looks better, but the seal on these storage containers is superior, making your food last longer.


There have been great advances to technology in the past 20 years, but perhaps one of the greatest is the removal sticky “Command” strip that allows you to place hooks securely and without damaging surfaces. Here’s where these removal hooks help in the kitchen: Use them on the insides of cabinets to hang items you use frequently but don’t want out on display, like your beloved but slightly drab oven mitt.

Dust Brush 

While this tip isn’t exactly organizing, it will help you to maintain a spotless kitchen giving at least the appearance of organization: Get a designated countertop dust brush and pan. One of the enemies of a clean kitchen is crumbs. And a small dust brush with a smaller-sized pan makes sweeping them up a breeze. No more pushing crumbs into the palm of your hand and getting most of them on the floor. This is an elegant solution to that age-old problem.

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