This Breakfast Will Work Wonders for Your Health

They do not say that breakfast is the most important meal for nothing. How you start your day can determine how the rest of your day will flow. A good nutritious breakfast will not only give you the energy to face all the daily challenges, but it will also have many other health benefits, including improved concentration, more physical strength and weight control. Nutritionists recommend eating breakfast within 2 hours of waking, but it is also important to choose the ingredients well. A healthy first meal of the day should contain between 20 and 35% of your guideline daily allowance (GDA). Knowing all this, you should be able to choose the ideal healthy breakfast. Here is a short cheat-sheet.


One of the best ways to kickstart your day is by eating a delicious steaming bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal. Oats contain a specific type of fiber – beta-glucan, which has positive impact on cholesterol levels. They are also rich in folate, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids. If you need a quick breakfast you can always decide for some instant oatmeal, but steel-cut oats contain more fiber and you can cook them in 30 minutes or overnight and combine them with delicious fruits.


Greek Yogurt

Because it protects your digestive system from bad bacteria and fills it with good bacteria, Greek yogurt is a great breakfast for better gut health. It also contains plenty of protein (almost twice as much as regular yogurt) and calcium, so it will make you feel energetic and full throughout the morning. If you find Greek yogurt by itself a bit boring breakfast, you can choose a non-fat variety and add some fruit for sweetness and flavor.


Bananas are not only great detox food which can contribute to the efficiency of your digestive system, they are also absolutely delicious, so they can even keep the mid-mornings cravings at bay. You can slice them up and add them to your bowl of oatmeal or cereal, or you can prepare a tasty banana breakfast smoothie with low-fat milk, Greek yogurt, honey, etc.

Almond Butter

If you are not a fan of eggs or milk, but you still need your protein dose in the morning, then you can opt for the tastiest alternative source of protein – almond butter. Spread it on top of whole grain bread or pair it with banana. If you prefer a sweet snack in the morning you can combine it with oats and applesauce a no-flour and no-gluten morning cookies.


Whole-Wheat Bread

Avoiding carbohydrates all together is never a good thing, but you should however choose your carbs well. Whole-wheat or other whole grains contain more fiber and important nutrients then their white counterparts. You can prepare a nice whole-wheat bread to spread your almond butter with or even make some marvelous whole-wheat muffins.

Miranda Kerr’s Power Smoothie

These were some ordinary healthy breakfast, but now we are moving on to the superhero amongst them. If you need something to back up our claim, then you should know that one of the most astonishing ladies of the fashion world and one of the sexiest Victoria’s angels – Miranda Kerr is loving it. In fact she is recommending it, because it gives her maximum energy and vitality.



• Fresh coconut water
• ½ glass almond or goat milk
• 1 tbsp goji berries
• 1 tbsp acai powder
• 1 tbsp maca powder
• 1 tbsp spirulina
• 1 tbsp raw cacao powder
• 1 tbsp raw vegan protein powder
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 1 tbsp coconut oil


Put all the ingredients in blender and blend until completely smooth.
Starting your day right can be easy and breezy with these delicious breakfasts. They are all easy to make and even easier to enjoy in, so do not rush to the nearest fast food chain when you are in a hurry to arrive to the office. Instead, wake up 15 minutes earlier and treat yourself with a healthy way to be energized and full throughout the morning.

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