Vitamin D Deficiency and Daytime Sleepiness


To stay healthy you have to make sure that you introduce vitamins and minerals, otherwise, your body might react in a weird way that could be hard to recognize as a serious problem. However, it is difficult for the body to absorb vitamin D, and unless you take some precautions, you might suffer from deficiency.

Sleepiness Could Be a Sign

Do not assume that daytime sleepiness is just a thing because you are too tired, as it could be an indicator that you are lacking vitamin D. Luckily though, with a few simple changes to your lifestyle, you can do a lot to make sure you have enough vitamins in your body. Visit your doctor if you suspect that something might be wrong, to get a proper diagnosis and to have some medication prescribed as well. After all, taking too much of something could upset the balance in your body.

Alter Your Diet

Unfortunately, your body cannot produce vitamin D as much as it should, and when there is a sign of deficiency, you will need to introduce calcium supplements into your diet. Not only will it be necessary to uphold the delicate balance, but, it will be necessary so that you manage to prevent any further complications. Bear in mind that while using supplements is a good idea, you should consider combining it with other methods as well, to make sure you have enough of it in your system.

Take Care of Your Kidneys

Pay attention to your kidneys, and how they are acting, as they could be more than a clear sign that there is a deficiency of vitamin D. There is no need for panic though, because in some cases, old age could be the cause for your kidneys behaving oddly. Visit your doctor to get it checked out, and to find out what could be the cause. In most cases, it will be your system slowing down, and it will require a bit of boost from the outside. Remember, your kidneys will be the primary source for creating active vitamin D, which is why you should take good care of them.

Avoid the Sun No More

During hot weather it is good to stay indoors as much as possible, to avoid getting sunburnt, but, you should spend some time outside as well. Your whole body is actually a good producer of vitamin D, and it will only happen if you spend some time in the sun. Avoid going outside without any sunscreen protection on, as you might hurt your skin, and in the worst case scenario, develop skin cancer. The easiest way to boost vitamin D production in your body is to spend a couple of hours in the sun daily.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Vitamin D plays a bigger role than just strengthening your bones, and making sure that you are filled with energy. It will in fact reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure or even diabetes. Moreover, chronic pain can be reduced if you have enough of this vitamin in your system, which will make it easier to bear through some illnesses. Nevertheless, be sure to include as many forms for attaining vitamin D, as it will only help you build up a strong immune system that will be able to resist almost anything.

If you notice that you are getting tired more than usual and that you are sluggish, be sure to check your diet and ensure that you are taking in plenty of vitamin D. Spend some time in the sun too, but not without protection or you might hurt your skin. Keep in mind that without a doctor’s approval, you should not be using any kind of supplements, as they could damage your body. Be sure to alter your lifestyle as you get older, because your immune system might need some extra help.

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